Instructions Following Periodontal Surgery


  1. Dr. Gelb prefers you take the prescription PAIN medications as prescribed the day of surgery. The following day, unless written otherwise above, take only if needed. You can also supplement with 500mg of extra-strength Tylenol every 6 hours. Prescribed ANTIBIOTICS are to be taken until all medication is gone. To avoid possible upset stomach from your medications you should keep some food in your stomach at all times. Ice cream, creamed soups, milk shakes and cooked cereals are excellent choices for the first day or two. If your stomach becomes severely irritated all medications should be discontinued immediately. Please call the office or, if after hours, Dr. Gelb’s cell phone. Sipping warm coke at frequent intervals may help soothe the stomach. All pain medications and antibiotics should only be taken as prescribed.
  2. Swelling is to be expected following any surgical procedure. The amount of swelling may be minimized by the immediate placement of an ice pack on the outside of your face over the surgical area. Do this for 15 minutes on/15 minutes off for the remainder of the surgical day and evening. This should be discontinued the next day unless instructed otherwise by Dr. Gelb.
  3. It is not unusual for blood stains to be present in the saliva for some hours after surgery. If there is considerable bleeding, place a moist tea bag or gauze over area and apply continuous moderate pressure to both sides of the dressing for 20 minutes without removing. If bleeding does not stop please call the office or, if after hours, Dr Gelb’s cell phone at 203-610-1756.
  4. You are not to brush or floss in the area of your surgery. You will be asked to pick up an over-the-counter anti-microbial rinse after surgery called Natural Dentist: Healthy Gums. Dip a Q-tip in this rinse and dab gently over the area twice a day to keep the area as clean as possible. All other areas in your mouth should be brushed and flossed as usual.
  5. There may be a surgical dressing material over the surgical site. This dressing protects the site and you should try not to disturb it. Do not be alarmed if pieces of or even all of the dressing falls off before your next appointment. Unless you are experiencing pain or discomfort there is no need for concern. Please call the office if you are having any discomfort and a new dressing will be placed. Otherwise continue gentle cleaning with Q-Tips in that area. Chewing can be efficiently accomplished on the opposite side of your mouth. Hard and spicy foods as well as extreme hot or cold foods should be avoided until your next appointment.

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